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Celeste Favor, NHCB

Thanks for visiting! Being a real estate agent is my passion, and as a New Home Co-Broker I am proud to specialize in new homes so that I may provide my clients with the home of their dreams. If you aren’t sure if purchasing a new home is right for you, or if you haven’t considered a new home as an option, please consider reaching out so that I may provide you with some information on new homes to assist you in your home-buying journey!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or when you’re ready to buy or sell your home!

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How to Create a Great Accent Wall

Bringing color into your space doesn’t require you to splash paint up everywhere. Sometimes, focusing on just one wall can have even greater impact, or at least allow you to slowly get used to the idea of color before you take the four-wall plunge. “An accent wall can be a perfect way to break up a […]

The Danger’s Not Over When the Flames Go Out: What to Look for Before You Return Home After a Fire

The recent California fires devastated homes and families, with hundreds of homes burned to the ground and a loss of life that is beyond tragic. But, for many, the fire danger remains even though the flames have been extinguished. Countless homes that made it through the fires continue to be uninhabitable because of smoke damage […]

The Power of Staging Your Home

Often times the smallest changes can enhance a home’s “showability” when it is offered to the public for inspection. Sellers don’t seem to realize when “too much of their home” is showing. Staging your home for its finest presentation requires a room by room critique to offer the best first impressions. Accentuate the Positive When […]

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